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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Wellesley Home Hero?

    A new service that helps busy Wellesley homeowners kick-start home projects as easily as you text your friends.

  2. How much does it cost to text Wellesley Home Hero?

    Nothing, beyond your carrier’s text messaging and data rates. At no charge, we reliably provide unbiased expertise and rough cost estimates. Also, we are a friendly, responsive crew. Say hi!

  3. What is a Guaranteed Booking?

    A premium service that helps you spend less time researching specific products, materials, services, and providers when trying to hire trustworthy home service professionals.

  4. When would I buy a Guaranteed Booking, and why?

    When you’re ready to hire, and you don’t want the headache.

  5. What do homeowners get as part of a Guaranteed Booking?

    Unbiased expert guidance, delegated vendor outreach, and concierge scheduling services.

  6. How much does a Guaranteed Booking cost?

    Pricing is per project, with a flat upfront fee set at 10% - 20% of the estimated cost of your eventual on-site work. Our minimum fee is $20.

  7. How does Wellesley Home Hero determine the price of a new Guaranteed Booking?

    Many data points go into calculating your upfront booking fee, including estimated cost of on-site service as well as professional services that we will need to deliver to support your project. We structure each booking fee as a flat upfront rate so we eliminate monetary incentives to sell overpriced services, products, or solutions.

  8. What exactly is the Guarantee?

    If you aren’t happy with our booking services or any on-site work that you book through us, you get your booking fee back.

  9. Do homeowners pay for on-site services through Wellesley Home Hero?

    No. We help you kick off, and then you pay on-site providers directly for their billable on-site services.

  10. What are common projects that customers complete through Guaranteed Bookings?

    Our most popular bookings are for handy work, smart home technology like security systems and deadbolt keypads, custom carpentry like wood shelving, plumbing like automatic water shutoffs and outdoor spigots, electrical jobs like EV charging installation, exterior house washing, HVAC servicing, fences, walkways, driveways, decks, moving, landscape upgrades, and outdoor lighting.

  11. Can Wellesley Home Hero contact pros of my choosing?

    Yes, as part of a Guaranteed Booking. Homeowners often ask us to work with providers they’ve already sourced so they can do less work to proceed with more confidence.

  12. When using a Guaranteed Booking to save time, do homeowners also save money?

    In many circumstances, yes. In a representative example, a customer hired us to help book a service that we expected would cost between $7k and $11k. We charged a booking fee of $1k, then contacted and vetted 7 potential providers. Multiple providers quoted within our expected range and would have exposed our homeowner to hourly overages, but one “hidden-gem” quoted $5k and was open to a flat rate. We recommended this pro since he was responsive, professional, and customer-centric. As a bonus, his small business also offered the best value. As a result of booking through us, our homeowner saved both time and money.

  13. How is Wellesley Home Hero different from other home services?

    We specialize in helping you save time. Accordingly, we do not produce lists of pros that you need to chase, we do not sell your contact information, and we do not profit from selling specific products or affiliate links.

  14. How does Wellesley Home Hero vet providers?

    For most projects, you get providers who have been vetted by existing Wellesley Home Hero customers, and who we hire for our own homes. If we need to reach beyond our existing network, we will shop your project out to multiple providers and evaluate each, so you get a curated recommendation for the specific professional who we believe will offer the best fit.

  15. How do you make sure that my homeowner information is safe?

    Only authorized team members can access our software, which meets SOC 2 security standards.

  16. Can homeowners in neighboring towns outside of Wellesley try this?

    Soon! If you live in Weston, Needham, Wayland, Newton, or Natick, text (781) 694-6635 to get notified as we expand.